Headlight Restoration


👨 🏭 If your headlights have a yellowish tone:

the constant exposure of your headlights to the sun's ultraviolet rays changes the optical radiation,

causing premature wear and tear, which appears in a yellowish tone.


👨 🏭 If your headlights have become opaque:

When the plastic covering the polycarbonate layer of your headlights begins to break down,

the headlights become opaque and can be easily scratched.


👨 🏭 If your headlights are cracked:

If the plastic deteriorates, your headlights can easily be scratched and broken,

preventing the headlights from properly emitting light on the road.

The moment you see one of the 3 symptoms in your vehicle's headlights,

you need to have headlight polish to restore them.


Do you have a nice car that you are demanding?

Do you like not only seeing in the dark, but also being seen?

Would it be nice if the headlights of your car didn't get dull from UV radiation?

If the plexiglass of your headlights is already matte,

can we solve your problem and provide a solution to prevent it from becoming matte again?

What kind of guarantee do we offer for reviving headlights?

As long as the car is in your possession (the Customer of headlight restoration),

the warranty is valid, that is, we offer a lifetime warranty for our service,

which does not apply to damage caused by cuts, tears, scratches,

high-pressure washing or any other physical impact.


Three quick questions:


1. Are your car lights dimmed?


2. Have you tried to clean, but you did not achieve spectacular success,

but failure discouraged you from trying further?


3. In the evening, do even the reflectors only emit a reduced light,

corresponding to the light of a flashlight or a candle?


If your answer to any of the questions is "YES", don't delay, order now!